Two Largest Apothecaries to Merge

apothecaryTwo of the area’s largest apothecaries are in discussions that could lead to the two companies merging to form the largest apothecary in Italy.

The Verona Apothecary and Mantua Medicines have been negotiating a deal to merge their businesses that could lead to a new apothecary supercenter located in Verona.

Many locals are excited about the move.

“This is exciting news for the town,” said Fabian Lloyd who is a regular customer of The Verona Apothecary. “This will bring more choices for customers and hopefully bring down prices. I have been paying 3 farthings for my elixir prescription. My relatives in Rome are paying a lot less because they have larger apothecaries there.”

Other townfolk are more cautious about the merger.

“My nephew works at Mantua Medicines,” said Claudia Glendower a resident of Verona for more than 30  years, “and he could lose his job if the merger goes ahead.”

The owners of the two companies hope to reach a decision before the end of the month.

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