Two Dead in Town Square Brawl

veronatimes - mantuaWhat started as a peaceful, but scorching-hot Monday afternoon in Verona town square turned into another Montague-Capulet brawl, leaving two dead.

“It all happened so suddenly,” said Fabian Lloyd who was leaving The Verona Apothecary at about 2 p.m.

“As I left the apothecary, I overheard Benvolio Montague telling Mercutio that he was feeling very hot and that they should go home,” Lloyd continued. “He also mentioned that he didn’t want to run into the Capulets because he feared a fight would break out.”

Other eyewitnesses recall seeing the Capulet gang, led by Tybalt, enter the town square at this time. Mercutio began provoking Tybalt to start a fight. However, Tybalt was uninterested in Mercutio but was interested in talking to Mercutio’s friend, Romeo, because Romeo had turned up at a private Capulet party the previous night.

“It was at this point that Romeo came into the town square and things got a little heated,” said Lloyd. “Tybalt seemed very mad with Romeo, but Romeo did not respond to Tybalt’s provocation. This is when Mercutio stepped in and drew his sword and a fight began.”

“It looked as though Romeo didn’t want to fight,” said Horatio Loddington, who noticed a small crowd gathering as he was cleaning his shop windows. “When Tybalt and Mercutio drew their swords to fight, Romeo stood between them. But it wasn’t enough to stop Tybalt, who reached under Romeo’s arm and stabbed Mercutio.”

Romeo, who had declined to fight only moments before, drew his sword.

“Romeo seemed enraged by Tybalt’s attack on Mercutio,” continued eyewitness Loddington, “he drew his sword and stabbed Tybalt.”

Romeo Montague, who is wanted for questioning, was last seen leaving the town square and has not been seen since.

It was a dark day for the Prince, and both families.

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