Romeo Exiled

mantuaAfter killing Tybalt, the Prince ordered Romeo exiled to Mantua, Italy. A battle between Tybalt and Mercutio broke out in the town square. Romeo tried hard to break up the fight, but did not succeed. Under Romeo’s arm, Tybalt did a very sneaky thing: he stabbed Mercutio. Enraged by this action, Romeo wanted to take revenge on Tybalt. Romeo ran through the streets looking for Tybalt. Tybalt and Romeo fought hard. Romeo got so carried away in his anger that he killed Tybalt. Romeo immediately regretted this. Benvolio urged Romeo to flee the scene, but it was too late and the citizens saw Romeo kill Tybalt.

“His fault concludes but what the law should end, the life of Tybalt,” Lord Montague stated.

“And for that offense immediately we do exile him hence,” the Prince declared.

By killing Tybalt, Romeo was completing the law’s task. For his action, Romeo was exiled and not sentenced to death. In the end, Tybalt would have been killed by what was written in the law.

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