Lord Capulet Announces Engagement of Daughter

Lord and Lady Capulet are proud to announce that Count Paris and Juliet Capulet are to be married Thursday, July 18th, 1578. Juliet’s father met Paris at the town fair in the spring, and Juliet was introduced to Paris shortly after at [...]

Two Dead in Town Square Brawl

What started as a peaceful, but scorching-hot Monday afternoon in Verona town square turned into another Montague-Capulet brawl, leaving two dead. “It all happened so suddenly,” said Fabian Lloyd who was leaving The Verona Apothecary [...]

Romeo Exiled

After killing Tybalt, the Prince ordered Romeo exiled to Mantua, Italy. A battle between Tybalt and Mercutio broke out in the town square. Romeo tried hard to break up the fight, but did not succeed. Under Romeo’s arm, Tybalt did a very [...]