3 Great New Inventions

Our reviewers have found 3 great new technological inventions that will soon be available in the shops.

old-pencilThe Pencil

Simonio and Lyndiana Bernacotti have come up with a fabulous idea, based on the ideas of Conrad Gesner of Switzerland, to help make writing and drawing a lot easier. Their original design was made from a hollowed out a length of juniper wood with a strip of graphite inside. The new Bernacotti design has two pieces of rounded wood glued around a graphite center. They call it the pencil. It is a lot easier to write with than a quill pen.


The Mercator Projection


Gerardus Mercator has created a flat map. It depicts the Earth. This brand new navigational tool will help sailors at sea. It will become the common map used for sailors because of its ability to represent lines of constant course.





The Pistol

pistolFrom the town of Pistoia in Tuscany, Camillo Vitelli has invented a new weapon that can end family feuds with the pull of the trigger. He calls it a pistol, after his hometown. This weapon’s small size means that it can be easily concealed and may appeal to anyone who needs extra personal protection. 





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