10 Best Places To Be Exiled

If you are looking for a temporary getaway or plan on making the move permanent, then consider these great locations. Romeo was exiled to Mantua after killing Tybalt.


1. Mantua, Italy

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Mantua is a great location for either temporary or permanent exile. Noted for its numerous thin alleyways the town is a great place for exiles in hiding.




2. Rome, Italy

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Explore the former center of the Roman Empire and today the capital city of our great nation. Enjoy the historic sights, including the famous Colosseum.




3. Venice, Italy

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Always a popular destination for exiles, particularly those who enjoy boating and swimming.




4. Pisa, Italy

veronatimes - pisaAnother town in northern Italy, stay undercover in this busy town and enjoy the cathedral and its famous leaning tower.




5.  London, United Kingdom

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A little farther afield, London may appeal to those looking for permanent relocation.




6. Madrid, Spain

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Spain’s largest city offers many great sights as well as a great location to sit back and enjoy bullfighting.




7. Paris, France

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Like London, Paris has been a traditional destination for permanent exiles for decades. Enjoy the historic sites and anonymity offered by this huge metropolis.




8. Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague is known globally as a top destination for exiles to live. While at Prague, it is impossible to stay there and not visit the old Charles Bridge.




9. Vienna, Austria

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Vienna is conveniently located on the border of Prague, Budapest, and Venice making it an intelligent destination for an exile to live.




10. Marseille, France

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Marseille is France’s oldest and most fascinating city. This bustling city is the perfect location for an exile to hideout in because the exile can blend in with the crowd.





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